And now it’s March

I’ve created a new ‘Spring 2014’ folder in my photographs album on my memory stick.  I always really like it when the seasons change, and amazingly enough, we have Spring here!  Well, would you believe it? I had coffee outside in the garden yesterday, and felt fleetingly guilty at the state of the garden, but, well, life is sometimes really too short. 


There are even a couple of daffodils hiding behind that Choisya – honestly. 


I managed to fight off the guilt feelings long enough to enjoy a read and a coffee – and a listen to the birds, who were also enjoying the weather it seems.  (I’m not in San Francisco by the way – I bought the cup there some years ago, and really like it).

And it’s been just as lovely today. 

Here’s the calendar picture for March:


Try to be different, and not follow the crowd.

Let’s hope the good weather lasts



Happy New year to one and all.  Here we are, the first weekend of the new year.  My Christmas Decorations are still up.  I always leave them up until twelfth night, but I don’t put them up as early as some people.  My favourite tip this year regarding the decorations was to hang some reindeer bells on my front door wreath.  That way, the bells ring every time you open the door.  Genius!

New Year, means new calendar.  It’s a teeny weeny one this year, but pretty nonetheless.


I’ll try and follow the advice …..

I’m going to enjoy my last weekend before going back to work, doing what I’m really good at – relaxing!

Not an awful lot to report, but I’ll do it anyway

Work has taken over, as it invariably does.  I’m very fortunate that I love my work.  I’m also fortunate that I love the simple things in life; music, reading, eating, being with family or close friends.  I don’t demand a lot. 

I’m happy that I have found a swimming buddy; we encourage each other to go swimming twice a week after work.  I would find that difficult if I was on my own.

This pleased me today also – the smell of the washing when I brought it in to air on the radiator – heavenly!

ImageDon’t you just love that smell?  The simple things…..

Books are my bag

Last swimming session at the open air pool today.  A sad occasion; I now have to go to an indoor pool.  I’m not a good swimmer, and the main reason I prefer the open air pool is its size.  It is vast, so there is plenty of room.  It’s also a much nicer experience, of course, swimming outside.  Oh well, I’ll soon get used to the indoor one, I guess.

To cheer myself up, I took a little walk to my local bookshop – possibly the best bookshop in the world

Today is the start of the ‘books are my bag’ promotion, which means you get a free bag when you buy a book from a bookshop.

ImageThat’s cheered me up a little.

It’s not small, either, I’ll be able to get lots of books in this……



Yay!  Summer holidays.  Not that I’m going anywhere (well, I’ll be going to Yorkshire, hardly some tropical island, but I love it, I’ll post pictures of the third peak, don’t worry), but I still love the holidays. 

And we’re having a heatwave, but wait a minute, what is this?…


Haven’t seen those white things for a while.

But they’re not spoiling anything. 

I’ve been sitting in my garden, pretending to be on holiday, which means doing – well – nothing.  That’s what people do on holiday isn’t it?

Having a fantastic time.

Check out the cakes a student gave me:



Just off to enjoy one while watching the proms (another great summer tradition).

Back soon…..

Days off

My hours have been cut down at work, meaning that I’ve actually had five days off in a row!  Of course, I haven’t done very much, but I did manage to finish reading my book.  Sitting outside for hours on end reading, seems so decadent, but I did enjoy it.  Forgot to take a picture of the book (actually it’s on my Kindle, but still forgot to record the image.) 

I did get a picture of the cup of water, though, (I know, I know, this is riveting stuff!)

Check out the mug, though, bought the first time I went to New York….Image

 Fancy a New York related video?

The late, great Kirsty MacColl.

Lazy Sunday

I sat outside reading today, an absolute delicious luxury that I don’t do often enough.  (Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn – well worth a read).

Here’s the view from my chair;

ImageImageImageImageand finally, the baby girl, who was kind enough to pose for the camera, amongst the blossom from the mock-orange tree:

ImageDo you want a video?