Twice in one day!

Well, they played a Joni track on desert Island Discs yesterday (BBC Radio 4), and then, guess what happened on Something Understood that night (BBC Radio 4)?

Another Joni track!  Pity I can’t add a video of the track here, as it doesn’t seem to be on Youtube, but it was a goodie.

(From the album Wild things run fast, track 11 – Love)


Desert Island Discs

This morning, on Desert Island Discs, Damien Hurst.  Tracks were:

  1. The Clash, The Magnificent Seven
  2. The Trashmen, Surfin’ Bird
  3. Joni Mitchell, Big Yellow Taxi
  4. The Beatles, Everyone’s got something to hide except me and me monkey
  5. Bob Andy, You don’t know
  6. Ian Brown, F.E.A.R.
  7. Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, X Ray Style
  8. The Stone Roses, I am the Resurrection

Well, I just have to link to this, now, really: