Gift 10

They keep coming, so keep tuned.  Today’s offering – a lovely little notebook:


You simply can’t have enough notebooks, in my opinion:


And all of these are in use, having a different function each.  Notes for my novels (?), finances 😦 , projects, gardening, recipes, holiday diaries – and the list goes on.

Now, what can I use the new one for?

Thank you, gift giver.


Hotch Potch

Some random photos from my memory stick:

The fridge at work.  The idea is that we bring back a ‘tasteless’ magnet when we go on holiday.  Well, we have some pretty tasteless ones, so that worked…. But they do make us laugh.Image

Part of the ‘New York Skyline’ – actually a salt and pepper set, again, quite tasteless, but again looks kind of cool in the shadows when the sun is behind them.  Always makes me smile when I go into the kitchen and spot them.  Well, it takes all sorts I suppose….


And, for good measure, an actual skyline photograph;Image

Nearer to home : Stones found half way down Fairfield Fell in The Lake District.  Cute, eh?  I wonder who did that, and who it was done for.


Picture of Big Ben:


Picture of the paralympics:


Walking in Yorkshire..


Quite easy to work out which fridge magnets are mine then….

Days off

My hours have been cut down at work, meaning that I’ve actually had five days off in a row!  Of course, I haven’t done very much, but I did manage to finish reading my book.  Sitting outside for hours on end reading, seems so decadent, but I did enjoy it.  Forgot to take a picture of the book (actually it’s on my Kindle, but still forgot to record the image.) 

I did get a picture of the cup of water, though, (I know, I know, this is riveting stuff!)

Check out the mug, though, bought the first time I went to New York….Image

 Fancy a New York related video?

The late, great Kirsty MacColl.