Giving blood

Well, there’s a tale to be told …….

Last summer, one of our young students was tragically killed in a road traffic collision.  He was only 18.  I never knew him personally, but his story touched so many hearts.  He was a catering student, and his friends and lecturers in the Catering Department got together and discussed what they could do to honour his life.  They came up with the idea of having a blood donor session at college.  What an amazing idea it was!  Students and Lecturers alike lined up to give blood in his memory.  Including me.  Although my session did not actually go to plan….

The giving of the blood was okay, in fact it was more than okay.  “How long will this take?”  I asked the nurse, “about 4 – 6 minutes”, he replied.  “Wow, is that all?”,  I turned to the person in the chair next to me, “He said it takes 4 – 6 minutes”.  “46 minutes!” she replied, looking a little stunned.  “There’s a very good reason why it doesn’t take 46 minutes,” her nurse told her.  Giggle giggle, so far, so good.

Blood donation over (nine minutes later, not 46), I got up to have my drink and cakes that the catering students had so lovingly prepared.  Only, I never did get the cake, because what happened next was not on the original plan.  I fainted.  Spectacularly.  I was embarrassed.  Spectacularly.  But I gave my pint of blood.  And my soul.  What I went through was nothing compared to what the poor student and his family went through.  So, I would do it again.  Only, they won’t let me.


As they say in the TV advert ‘Do something amazing today.  Give blood‘.  You won’t regret it.