Gift 15

Yes, that’s right, 15!  and there are plenty more to come.  Here’s today’s offering;


Well, I’ve always thought that I’m special, and I’m now glad that others think so too. 

I was also given this by my swim buddy this week.  She had pressed some flowers for me from her holiday, and made this card. 


Yes, I really do feel special.


Gift 8

Here’s gift number 8 (and there are still plenty more in the bag)


A lovely little crocheted cloche hat.  I could have done with this last week, as the weather was awful, but today we have beautiful warm sunny weather for the start of summer.  Doesn’t stop me wearing it, of course :


Another lovely gift from a very talented person.


It’s May.  It’s my baby girl’s thirtieth birthday today.  Thirty years ago today was the most exciting day of my life.  Thirty years.  I can’t believe it, it seems like just yesterday ….. When I came out of the hospital all those years ago, these were in full bloom in the garden:


And they always appear around her birthday, even when you think you’ve got rid of them all.  But I wouldn’t be without them.  Forget-me-nots, I love them.  They always remind me of that time thirty years ago, as a new mother, I came home with my gorgeous baby.

Here’s the calendar picture for May:


Odd – no Forget-me-nots.  Have a lovely spring time.



I like October.  It’s one of my favourite months.  Here’s a peek at the calendar picture:


There is still so much growing, as another little peek at the wildflower garden will show:


However, my pots are now sadly empty ……


Well, to be honest, there wasn’t much in them in the first place.  I’ve made a target for myself for next year, which is to get my garden sorted out.  I’m really going to try, and prevent this from happening:


a sweet little rusty shovel that has been shamefully neglected.  Makes a nice picture, though…..

Still blooming

The trees are still green, they are showing no sign as yet of shedding their leaves, as the weather is still so lovely.  Other plants are acting normally though, like one of my favourites, the Japanese Anemone.


Mine are white, but the pink ones are gorgeous too, must get me some of those.  They are always late bloomers, and always to be relied upon …..

I spotted some of these too, hiding under a bush:


Lovely pink cyclamen in an otherwise barren wilderness.