Gift 7

I was warned not to get too excited about some of the gifts in the bag, but so far I have NOT been disappointed.  Here is today’s offering, another hand made item; something that I’ve actually wanted for a long time:


A knitted tea cosy! 

And the view from the top:


With a crocheted flower on it!  As I would say on Twitter : #verytalented


A nice cup of tea

I really fancied a cup of tea today.  That may not seem unusual, but for me, well, it is.  I don’t drink a lot of tea, and I discovered when I put the kettle on, that I actually DIDN’T HAVE ANY.  That’s what happens when you don’t use something very often.  It’s like salt, or sugar; if you don’t use them very often, you forget to buy them.  However, I did find this, lurking at the bottom of the tea caddy:Image

It was in the Graze Box

From a while ago.  And it was one of the nicest cups of tea I have ever tasted!  Must get some more of that, somehow…