Lazy Sunday

I sat outside reading today, an absolute delicious luxury that I don’t do often enough.  (Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn – well worth a read).

Here’s the view from my chair;

ImageImageImageImageand finally, the baby girl, who was kind enough to pose for the camera, amongst the blossom from the mock-orange tree:

ImageDo you want a video?


Bumps in the night

I heard strange noises in the night.  Then caterwauling.  Some other cat coming into my cat’s territory, and being told, in no uncertain terms, to kindly leave the area, thank you very much, no doubt.  The trouble was, I couldn’t tell if the noises were coming from inside, or outside of the house.  Well, it was half past three, so I wasn’t at my most lucid.

I awoke to find the answer to the question.  It was both.  How do I know?  Well, the evidence is here:


That explains the noise then….  I feel a trip to the glaziers coming on…