Gift 10

They keep coming, so keep tuned.  Today’s offering – a lovely little notebook:


You simply can’t have enough notebooks, in my opinion:


And all of these are in use, having a different function each.  Notes for my novels (?), finances 😦 , projects, gardening, recipes, holiday diaries – and the list goes on.

Now, what can I use the new one for?

Thank you, gift giver.


And now it’s March

I’ve created a new ‘Spring 2014’ folder in my photographs album on my memory stick.  I always really like it when the seasons change, and amazingly enough, we have Spring here!  Well, would you believe it? I had coffee outside in the garden yesterday, and felt fleetingly guilty at the state of the garden, but, well, life is sometimes really too short. 


There are even a couple of daffodils hiding behind that Choisya – honestly. 


I managed to fight off the guilt feelings long enough to enjoy a read and a coffee – and a listen to the birds, who were also enjoying the weather it seems.  (I’m not in San Francisco by the way – I bought the cup there some years ago, and really like it).

And it’s been just as lovely today. 

Here’s the calendar picture for March:


Try to be different, and not follow the crowd.

Let’s hope the good weather lasts

December (6)

Well, my Christmas Visitor came and went.  We had a lovely time, doing things that I don’t normally have time to do.  There was some of this:


We had a trip to London, to the Glorious Albert Hall…..


…. to see a Christmas Concert.  It’s always a treat to go there, and if you’ve never been, put it on your list….

We also went to the Symphony Hall at Birmingham to see another Christmas Concert. Another lovely venue, and well worth a visit.  We called into the new Birmingham Library, which is quite breathtaking for different reasons.  If you’re in Birmingham, go there, you won’t be disappointed. 

And now, she’s gone, back to the North East to continue her festivities no doubt. 

Me?  I’ll probably have some more of this:


Mulled wine!  Maybe with some of this, – Christmas cake decorated by the birthday girl – apparently the first time in her 85 years that she has iced a cake!


You’re never too old!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.


(Atrium in John Lewis)

December (2)

A few years ago – well, actually, QUITE a few years ago, somebody bought me this for Christmas, (you know who you are!), part of a naff Christmas present swap:


Marguerrite Patten, with a little recipe book for Christmas.  It has such 1980s delights as:


Old English Trifle and Creme Brulee – who could forget?  There are other delicacies too, such as this:


Very acceptable-in-the-eighties Quiche.  Or how about this:


Canapes!  Could it get any better, I hear you ask?  Well, yes actually, it could.   What about….Image

However, the laugh is on me, because, although it was meant to be a naff present, it also has this:


Shortbread!  And it’s a good recipe too.  Plus, there’s this:


And also, this little gem has a secret to behold.


Can you spot it?  A back up – just in case the written recipes are difficult to follow, there’s this:


Now, isn’t that something?  A cassette tape with full details!  No distracting DVDs, but plain old, LISTENING instructions!

Ho, ho, ho, – the laugh was on me!  It was a fantastic present, still used to this day!


Not an awful lot to report, but I’ll do it anyway

Work has taken over, as it invariably does.  I’m very fortunate that I love my work.  I’m also fortunate that I love the simple things in life; music, reading, eating, being with family or close friends.  I don’t demand a lot. 

I’m happy that I have found a swimming buddy; we encourage each other to go swimming twice a week after work.  I would find that difficult if I was on my own.

This pleased me today also – the smell of the washing when I brought it in to air on the radiator – heavenly!

ImageDon’t you just love that smell?  The simple things…..

Books are my bag

Last swimming session at the open air pool today.  A sad occasion; I now have to go to an indoor pool.  I’m not a good swimmer, and the main reason I prefer the open air pool is its size.  It is vast, so there is plenty of room.  It’s also a much nicer experience, of course, swimming outside.  Oh well, I’ll soon get used to the indoor one, I guess.

To cheer myself up, I took a little walk to my local bookshop – possibly the best bookshop in the world

Today is the start of the ‘books are my bag’ promotion, which means you get a free bag when you buy a book from a bookshop.

ImageThat’s cheered me up a little.

It’s not small, either, I’ll be able to get lots of books in this……


Half term!

A whole week off – well almost, I’ve got some marking to do and stuff to drop off at the office, (one of these days I will have a holiday without having to go into work) and I’m really looking forward to doing some gardening:

some flowers …


some vegetables and herbs …


and lots of these …

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m also hoping to do some of this:

Camera pictures 003

And I have to do some of this:

I have a novel to finish!  Well, at least I have the cover, so it’s a start I suppose…..

It’s going to be a busy week …