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Just random thoughts as they come to me.  Nothing spectacular, I am a middle aged woman working hard for a living, so don’t always find the time to blog.  I love my job, and I love my free time, and am now, after almost 60 years on this planet, beginning to realise that life is short.  My stories will all come out at some point, I’m sure.  Little snippets will be given away in the posts, or if they aren’t well, just move on to the next one, I won’t mind.

Here are some links to my other, older blogs. 

This one here is from a blog I started when I first started swimming.  It’s only short, but it’s quite interesting, considering I now swim about a hundred lengths every week.  Wow, I was so pathetic!

This one here is from my first blog.  I moved over to WordPress so that I could help my students who were asked to do their reflective logs as a blog, so here I am.  This WordPress blog is a continuation of the other two.


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