It’s all over

Absolutely – fini – geendet – finito – Well, I just made those up really, but you get the point.  The dreaded day is here, so no more gifts.  Here is a rare image, showing utter disappointment and devastation, along with some of the missing gifts.  Please pass the first one quickly – I had just woken up, and, well, I have reached an advanced age:

 Other gifts I couldn’t publish images of – precious photographs, or items that are of a special significance that may provoke a reaction of ‘What?’ by others.

So, tomorrow, it will all be over.  Deep breaths……. and then early to bed, I think.



More Gifts

Two more, in fact.  This was yesterday’s offering, which was so enthralling when I opened it, that I forgot I had toast under the grill, which then burned to a frazzle, setting off the smoke alarm, and waking up my son, who was, actually quite generous about it, considering the rude awakening he had just had.  Here’s the gift.



It’s a little sewing box!



Just like tho one from the Great British Sewing Bee.  I love the little stitch markers inside too, will definitely use those for my knitting at some point……..

And the second girt?  The one I opened today?  Well, it was this, a perfect present for a bit of a book worm like me.


A very pretty little book mark.


I am a very lucky girl indeed.

More gifts

Just in case you were wondering, there are more gifts to come.  I haven’t had a lot of time to post, but I will now update you on progress, as I am sure that you are dying to know (!)

There were sweets and candles –  including these pretty  little things:


made from old baby food jars, with t-lights inside them.  I love recycled things, so these were definitely winners.  Thinking of recycling, along came this:DSCN2443

a little recycling bin for my stationery.  BUT, it could also be used for rubbish, or to make a short animated film about rubbish bin arson:

A few possibilities there, I reckon.

Then, along came this extremely special item:


It is an item of sentimental value – one of my father’s scale rulers (he was a surveyor and a draughtsman); it seems apt that I am posting this on Father’s Day.  The ruler comes complete with this… 


his initials!  They must have been an untrustworthy lot he used to work with.  Must get some of the carpentry boys at college to show me how to use it….

I think that is it.  I think we’re up to date – oh, except for this, which came out of the bag this morning;


Hmm – I’m starting to feel depressed again…..


Gift 15

Yes, that’s right, 15!  and there are plenty more to come.  Here’s today’s offering;


Well, I’ve always thought that I’m special, and I’m now glad that others think so too. 

I was also given this by my swim buddy this week.  She had pressed some flowers for me from her holiday, and made this card. 


Yes, I really do feel special.

Gifts 11 onwards….

I’ve kept you in suspense long enough, haven’t I?  It wasn’t done purposefully, I assure you; I’m not mean, I just haven’t had a lot of time to put this together. 

So, gift number 11, as I’m sure you are all dying to know, was this:


Another notebook!  Remember when I said that you could never have enough notebooks?  Well, it’s absolutely true.  I knew it was a notebook when I took it out of the bag, but it didn’t seem right to put it back, just because I had got one the day before, not fair to notebooks really.  I’m now wondering if there is another one in there.  Hmm – there may well be.

Gift number 12, was this lovely handmade item:Image

Knitted bunting!  Genius.  I love it.

And so on to the next one.  Another very nice item – made from scraps of material.  Can an item made from scraps really be nice?  I hear you say.  Well actually, yes, it can:


Where on earth do they get these ideas from?  I love this item too, and as a girl who also loves fairy lights, of course, I’ve done this;


Now there’s one more to go, and we’re up to date.  This morning, I opened this:Image

Is it a skirt?  A pair of shorts? No, it’s a pinny, hinny.


Made from a skirt.

Hope you’re enjoying these as much as I am…..





What is going on?  It’s freezing for June.  I read somewhere that we’ve just had the third warmest Spring on record, but I find that rather hard to believe.  It’s been wet and decidedly cool, and since June started, it hasn’t improved.

Here’s the calendar picture for June:


Last night, I went to a knitting evening in the pub, run by College Students and Staff It was great fun; knitting and chatting, and listening to live music in the pub.  We are making an installation for the end of year exhibition and there were knitters of all abilities there.




It’s only happening for three weeks, which is a great shame, as it was such a fantastic evening, and it really didn’t matter how good you were at knitting; everyone’s efforts were appreciated.  It would be lovely to carry on…

If you’re wondering what the gift was today, well, I’ll keep you in suspense a little while longer.  I’ll post two gifts tomorrow.

Gift 10

They keep coming, so keep tuned.  Today’s offering – a lovely little notebook:


You simply can’t have enough notebooks, in my opinion:


And all of these are in use, having a different function each.  Notes for my novels (?), finances 😦 , projects, gardening, recipes, holiday diaries – and the list goes on.

Now, what can I use the new one for?

Thank you, gift giver.