Gift 7

I was warned not to get too excited about some of the gifts in the bag, but so far I have NOT been disappointed.  Here is today’s offering, another hand made item; something that I’ve actually wanted for a long time:


A knitted tea cosy! 

And the view from the top:


With a crocheted flower on it!  As I would say on Twitter : #verytalented


Gift 6

Just a snippet of gift 6 here:


Something nicely embroidered, reflecting my love of pretty things.  This is a very pretty item, and roomy too – I expect you’ve guessed what it is. 

I now qualify for Granny Knickers.  And I’ve tried them out.  V. comfortable they are.  Wonder if there’s a Zimmer Frame in the bag?

Gift 5

Ooh look at this one:

Perfect.  How on earth did she know that I needed one of these? 

A new knitting bag!


And a sneaky peek inside now that I have filled it:


Again, perfect.


Gifts, three and four

Aw, just look at this:


A little heart shaped box, rattling as I unwrapped it.  Not smarties inside, as I thought, but this:


 A Happiness kit, no doubt to use when thinking of the Dreaded Day.  I shall make sure that I look at it regularly. 

And the other gift?  Well, it’s another knitted item; an homage to a holiday a few years ago:


Well, I never!  It’s a knitted Empire State Building!

What a talented person this gift giver is.






I have a depressing birthday coming up.  In an ideal world, I would like to ignore it, but it seems that this year, I am not going to be able to do that.  I have been given a bag of gifts.  Nice, I hear you say.  Hmm, we’ll see…..  I have been given instructions to open a gift a day until the Dreaded Day, and to post evidence somewhere.  I’m choosing to post the evidence here, so that only a handful of people in the world will witness the Great Unveilings.

Day One:


I swear they have that wrong, but I didn’t like to put them right. 

Day Two:


A knitted curling stone!  Whatever’s next?  Watch this space…….


It’s May.  It’s my baby girl’s thirtieth birthday today.  Thirty years ago today was the most exciting day of my life.  Thirty years.  I can’t believe it, it seems like just yesterday ….. When I came out of the hospital all those years ago, these were in full bloom in the garden:


And they always appear around her birthday, even when you think you’ve got rid of them all.  But I wouldn’t be without them.  Forget-me-nots, I love them.  They always remind me of that time thirty years ago, as a new mother, I came home with my gorgeous baby.

Here’s the calendar picture for May:


Odd – no Forget-me-nots.  Have a lovely spring time.