And now it’s March

I’ve created a new ‘Spring 2014’ folder in my photographs album on my memory stick.  I always really like it when the seasons change, and amazingly enough, we have Spring here!  Well, would you believe it? I had coffee outside in the garden yesterday, and felt fleetingly guilty at the state of the garden, but, well, life is sometimes really too short. 


There are even a couple of daffodils hiding behind that Choisya – honestly. 


I managed to fight off the guilt feelings long enough to enjoy a read and a coffee – and a listen to the birds, who were also enjoying the weather it seems.  (I’m not in San Francisco by the way – I bought the cup there some years ago, and really like it).

And it’s been just as lovely today. 

Here’s the calendar picture for March:


Try to be different, and not follow the crowd.

Let’s hope the good weather lasts


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