February 2

Only two posts in February? Well, it is the shortest month after all.  We’ve just had half term, which was lovely.  I spent lots of time watching the Winter Olympics, and really enjoyed a lot of the events.  Highlights were definitely the curling and the snowboarding.  I also did a little exercise myself, and went swimming three times with my swim buddy.  I’m fairly sure I’ve agreed to do the swimathon with her this year – eek.  I did it a couple of years ago;Image

and hated every minute of it, swearing I’d never do it again, (the pool was too crowded, there was no atmosphere, it was badly organised….) but, well, my swim buddy really wanted to do it, so ……. you have to help out your friends, don’t you?

To counteract the terrifying thought of the shark infested swimathon, I received something rather jolly in the post this morning, from my lovely first-born:


a champagne themed tea towel.  It’s another mantra I would happily live by.


February – already?

Surely not!

Well, the calendar says that it is:


I’ve never liked February.  I really don’t know why, but I think it’s the most miserable month of all.  Its saving grace, to me, is that it is the shortest month… 

Do you fancy some music to cheer you up? – after all, according to the calendar,  ‘Life is a song, love is the music’

Oh, go on then  – Here is the Fabulous Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain – from a Proms a few years back.  Sit back and enjoy!