A couple of weeks ago, a very dear colleague left us for pastures new.  She gave us all a cute butterfly as a gift.  Here is what I did with mine:


I’ve worn it in a scarf almost every day since she left.  She is a scarf wearer, and loves butterflies.  This is my homage to Helen….



I learnt to knit when I was a child.  I don’t actually remember when I was taught, or who taught me.  Perhaps it was at Primary School, when the boys were making toolboxes in woodwork, or something, I don’t know.  But what I do know is that I’ve never been that good at it.

So I decided to get better.  I started with a couple of easy projects, just straightforward knitting of blankets (one for me, and one for my daughter, who had cable stitch in hers, dont-you-know).  And I really enjoyed it.  So I am going to carry on.  I knitted the swimmer, and my project now is a pair of socks.  The first one is not as neat as I’d like it, but it is my first attempt, so I hope the second one will be better.


That is, if I get the second one knitted.  I hope I don’t get the dreaded SSS (Second Sock Syndrome).  It’s a real thing, apparently.

When I went to London after Christmas, I went to Liberty’s and made a few purchases.  This was one of them:


A lovely little jar of buttons, from the Haberdashery Department.  I thought I might sew a couple of them on to my socks when I’ve finished them, just to finish them off nicely.  


Happy New year to one and all.  Here we are, the first weekend of the new year.  My Christmas Decorations are still up.  I always leave them up until twelfth night, but I don’t put them up as early as some people.  My favourite tip this year regarding the decorations was to hang some reindeer bells on my front door wreath.  That way, the bells ring every time you open the door.  Genius!

New Year, means new calendar.  It’s a teeny weeny one this year, but pretty nonetheless.


I’ll try and follow the advice …..

I’m going to enjoy my last weekend before going back to work, doing what I’m really good at – relaxing!