December (6)

Well, my Christmas Visitor came and went.  We had a lovely time, doing things that I don’t normally have time to do.  There was some of this:


We had a trip to London, to the Glorious Albert Hall…..


…. to see a Christmas Concert.  It’s always a treat to go there, and if you’ve never been, put it on your list….

We also went to the Symphony Hall at Birmingham to see another Christmas Concert. Another lovely venue, and well worth a visit.  We called into the new Birmingham Library, which is quite breathtaking for different reasons.  If you’re in Birmingham, go there, you won’t be disappointed. 

And now, she’s gone, back to the North East to continue her festivities no doubt. 

Me?  I’ll probably have some more of this:


Mulled wine!  Maybe with some of this, – Christmas cake decorated by the birthday girl – apparently the first time in her 85 years that she has iced a cake!


You’re never too old!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.


(Atrium in John Lewis)


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