December (2)

A few years ago – well, actually, QUITE a few years ago, somebody bought me this for Christmas, (you know who you are!), part of a naff Christmas present swap:


Marguerrite Patten, with a little recipe book for Christmas.  It has such 1980s delights as:


Old English Trifle and Creme Brulee – who could forget?  There are other delicacies too, such as this:


Very acceptable-in-the-eighties Quiche.  Or how about this:


Canapes!  Could it get any better, I hear you ask?  Well, yes actually, it could.   What about….Image

However, the laugh is on me, because, although it was meant to be a naff present, it also has this:


Shortbread!  And it’s a good recipe too.  Plus, there’s this:


And also, this little gem has a secret to behold.


Can you spot it?  A back up – just in case the written recipes are difficult to follow, there’s this:


Now, isn’t that something?  A cassette tape with full details!  No distracting DVDs, but plain old, LISTENING instructions!

Ho, ho, ho, – the laugh was on me!  It was a fantastic present, still used to this day!



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