Hotch Potch

Some random photos from my memory stick:

The fridge at work.  The idea is that we bring back a ‘tasteless’ magnet when we go on holiday.  Well, we have some pretty tasteless ones, so that worked…. But they do make us laugh.Image

Part of the ‘New York Skyline’ – actually a salt and pepper set, again, quite tasteless, but again looks kind of cool in the shadows when the sun is behind them.  Always makes me smile when I go into the kitchen and spot them.  Well, it takes all sorts I suppose….


And, for good measure, an actual skyline photograph;Image

Nearer to home : Stones found half way down Fairfield Fell in The Lake District.  Cute, eh?  I wonder who did that, and who it was done for.


Picture of Big Ben:


Picture of the paralympics:


Walking in Yorkshire..


Quite easy to work out which fridge magnets are mine then….


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