Still blooming

The trees are still green, they are showing no sign as yet of shedding their leaves, as the weather is still so lovely.  Other plants are acting normally though, like one of my favourites, the Japanese Anemone.


Mine are white, but the pink ones are gorgeous too, must get me some of those.  They are always late bloomers, and always to be relied upon …..

I spotted some of these too, hiding under a bush:


Lovely pink cyclamen in an otherwise barren wilderness.


Back to work

Nothing much to report, I’m afraid.  Back to work, which generally means that the weeks start to hurtle past even though I wish they would SLOW DOWN a bit.  Is it really October?  How can that be?  And yet, somehow, it’s true.  

I have done nothing of note, so it’s a blessing that my job is interesting, as the rest of my life is fairly boring at the moment.  So boring, in fact, that this grabbed my interest:


A very colourful giant bubble in my washing up!

I really need to get a life…….

Books are my bag

Last swimming session at the open air pool today.  A sad occasion; I now have to go to an indoor pool.  I’m not a good swimmer, and the main reason I prefer the open air pool is its size.  It is vast, so there is plenty of room.  It’s also a much nicer experience, of course, swimming outside.  Oh well, I’ll soon get used to the indoor one, I guess.

To cheer myself up, I took a little walk to my local bookshop – possibly the best bookshop in the world

Today is the start of the ‘books are my bag’ promotion, which means you get a free bag when you buy a book from a bookshop.

ImageThat’s cheered me up a little.

It’s not small, either, I’ll be able to get lots of books in this……


Last Night of the Proms

I’m always a teeny weeny bit sad when it comes to the Last Night of the Proms, and this year I was probably sadder, as the TV coverage has been amazing.  Three concerts weekly, plus a highlights programme.  Bliss.

However, all good things must come to an end, and the Last Night was spectacular.  I had tears in my eyes when Joyce DiDonato sang ‘Danny Boy’, as it always reminds me of my dad.  I remember when a colleague at work left, I whistled a rendition of Danny Boy for her, no-one except me really knew why (although her boyfriend is called Dan, so there was a sort of connection there, and she was always whistling at work).  There wasn’t a dry eye there at that time, either, although I suspect for different reasons.

Anyway, it’s all over now, until next year.

Well done the BBC – another winner!  (quote from Monty Python, I believe)

Next weekend, another sad end – the open air pool will close!  Oh no, summer’s coming to an end…..

I need cheering up …..

Tapas Tuesday

Well, we’ve now been back at college for two weeks, and it has been hectic so far.  The students are only just coming back this week, so it is only going to get more manic.

We decided to go to the Pinto Lounge  for Tapas Tuesday after work today.  Three Tapas choices, and a glass of wine for £8.95.  Not bad.

Tapas Tuesday

Not bad at all.  Good food, good company, and a very nice place.  Tomorrow after work?  Swimming with my new swim buddy.  Shame the open air pool is closing next week.  😦


It’s still lovely here, the thermometer reads 22 degrees, and it’s nine in the evening!  I’ve loved this summer, and am watching ‘Tristan und Isolde’ on the Proms as I write this.  My first ever Wagner.  It takes some getting used to, but I’m sort of enjoying it, especially as the BBC very kindly gave us a little insight into Wagner’s state of mind when he composed it.  At least I haven’t switched off, and this thing goes on for FOUR HOURS apparently.
Verdict : the proms this year have been superbe.
Calendar picture for September :