Anniversary games

Just watching the Anniversary Games on TV.  I can’t believe it’s nearly a year since this:  Paralympics



Yay!  Summer holidays.  Not that I’m going anywhere (well, I’ll be going to Yorkshire, hardly some tropical island, but I love it, I’ll post pictures of the third peak, don’t worry), but I still love the holidays. 

And we’re having a heatwave, but wait a minute, what is this?…


Haven’t seen those white things for a while.

But they’re not spoiling anything. 

I’ve been sitting in my garden, pretending to be on holiday, which means doing – well – nothing.  That’s what people do on holiday isn’t it?

Having a fantastic time.

Check out the cakes a student gave me:



Just off to enjoy one while watching the proms (another great summer tradition).

Back soon…..

Another prom …

Last night’s prom was a delight.  I love most instruments, but I have to admit that I think the piano is probably my all time favourite one.

The pianist yesterday was superbe, and, as the BBC proms tweeted – you could hear a pin drop when he played his encore.

I’ve found a version of it here.  See what you think…


A little glass of something, methinks, while watching the Mahler 5th Symphony prom.

ImageI’m not actually sure that it gets better than this.  Cointreau and Mahler …… (I’ve had a hard day at work.)

P.S. – the lean in the glass is real, I wasn’t drunk when I took the picture – cute, eh?


Wow.  We really are not used to this in Britain.  But it’s lovely.

Temperature here in Middle England:

Imageand it’s 7 o’clock in the evening!  (Sorry, I’m British, I have to mention the weather)For some of you, this won’t be unusual, but for us – well, it is!

 Want a video?  You know you do:

Days off

My hours have been cut down at work, meaning that I’ve actually had five days off in a row!  Of course, I haven’t done very much, but I did manage to finish reading my book.  Sitting outside for hours on end reading, seems so decadent, but I did enjoy it.  Forgot to take a picture of the book (actually it’s on my Kindle, but still forgot to record the image.) 

I did get a picture of the cup of water, though, (I know, I know, this is riveting stuff!)

Check out the mug, though, bought the first time I went to New York….Image

 Fancy a New York related video?

The late, great Kirsty MacColl.