Easter Holidays

I was planning to do nothing in the holidays.  I had booked almost two weeks off, and was looking forward to mooching around the house and garden.  However, the weather soon put a stop to that idea.  It was freezing, so there was no hope of doing any gardening at all.  Fortunately, I had a surprise visitor, and was forced to forgo my plans of nothingness, and get out about.

I have wanted to visit Winchester for a long time, so this seemed like the ideal opportunity.


I’m not religious, but I really wanted to visit the cathedral, to see where Jane Austen is buried.






Bit of a tear in my throat actually; I’ve always loved Jane Austen, and feel so sad that she died so young.  Other members of her family lived to really good ages, and yet she died, aged 42 years, here:


Winchester is a lovely place to wander around.  I was more than a little disappointed, however at the state of the house she lived in.  It is privately owned, and actually, not very well maintained.  Poignant.

I had to make myself feel better by a little glass of something and something to eat:


Cheese and Broccoli pasta bake, and a glass of white.  Nice.


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