Space Station

The International Space station has been making spectacular appearances over the UK for the past few days, and it seems that there is ‘space fever’ all around.  Twitter is full of it, with lots of amazing images of the space station as it passes overhead.  I wish I could say my images were amazing, but they’re not.  I did get an image of the moon, however, with Mars just above it.  Image

The Space Station is a little more difficult to photograph, if you only have a point and shoot camera.  It moves too fast!  It was an amazing site though, and apparently is going to be visible for a little while yet.  Fascinating.


A nice cup of tea

I really fancied a cup of tea today.  That may not seem unusual, but for me, well, it is.  I don’t drink a lot of tea, and I discovered when I put the kettle on, that I actually DIDN’T HAVE ANY.  That’s what happens when you don’t use something very often.  It’s like salt, or sugar; if you don’t use them very often, you forget to buy them.  However, I did find this, lurking at the bottom of the tea caddy:Image

It was in the Graze Box

From a while ago.  And it was one of the nicest cups of tea I have ever tasted!  Must get some more of that, somehow… 


Oops – a little late, but better late than never.  Calendar picture for April:


No April showers this week though.  Here is a tiny little cute avenue of trees in bloom that I wandered past on my way to swimming the other morning:


Right in the middle of a built up area.  A bit of a gem.  The photos don’t do it justice, and I know it’s hardly beautiful countryside, but it is a delight to stumble across, through a tiny little alley-way at the back of the shopping centre.


I am grateful for this.  It’s the small things. 


I did the Swimathon.  For the second time.  That may not be a huge thing for most people, but for me it was actually quite massive.  I hide it a lot, especially from my swim buddy, but I fight the panic when I’m swimming.  Why do I panic?  I have no idea.  But it’s not good.  I’m facing my fear, and it’s getting easier, but anyone who panics will know that it is a very unpleasant experience.  I didn’t really want to do the swimathon again, as I hated it the first time, but my swim buddy really wanted to, so I agreed to do it with her.  I am so glad that I did.

I really feel like I achieved something, swimming 100 lengths in an hour and 35 minutes.  I only panicked near the end when I got cramp in both my calves.  But I kept going, and managed the challenge. 


Not only did I do it, but I also raised £105 for Sport Relief.  I never asked anyone for money, as I find that uncomfortable, but as soon as people heard what I was doing, they found my webpage and donated.  Thank you so much to those people who had faith in me.  I felt really good that I was part of it. 

For Mother’s Day, I have been promised some 1:1 swimming lessons.  I really hope that is going to help me turn a corner…..

And now it’s March

I’ve created a new ‘Spring 2014′ folder in my photographs album on my memory stick.  I always really like it when the seasons change, and amazingly enough, we have Spring here!  Well, would you believe it? I had coffee outside in the garden yesterday, and felt fleetingly guilty at the state of the garden, but, well, life is sometimes really too short. 


There are even a couple of daffodils hiding behind that Choisya – honestly. 


I managed to fight off the guilt feelings long enough to enjoy a read and a coffee – and a listen to the birds, who were also enjoying the weather it seems.  (I’m not in San Francisco by the way – I bought the cup there some years ago, and really like it).

And it’s been just as lovely today. 

Here’s the calendar picture for March:


Try to be different, and not follow the crowd.

Let’s hope the good weather lasts

February 2

Only two posts in February? Well, it is the shortest month after all.  We’ve just had half term, which was lovely.  I spent lots of time watching the Winter Olympics, and really enjoyed a lot of the events.  Highlights were definitely the curling and the snowboarding.  I also did a little exercise myself, and went swimming three times with my swim buddy.  I’m fairly sure I’ve agreed to do the swimathon with her this year – eek.  I did it a couple of years ago;Image

and hated every minute of it, swearing I’d never do it again, (the pool was too crowded, there was no atmosphere, it was badly organised….) but, well, my swim buddy really wanted to do it, so ……. you have to help out your friends, don’t you?

To counteract the terrifying thought of the shark infested swimathon, I received something rather jolly in the post this morning, from my lovely first-born:


a champagne themed tea towel.  It’s another mantra I would happily live by.

February – already?

Surely not!

Well, the calendar says that it is:


I’ve never liked February.  I really don’t know why, but I think it’s the most miserable month of all.  Its saving grace, to me, is that it is the shortest month… 

Do you fancy some music to cheer you up? – after all, according to the calendar,  ‘Life is a song, love is the music’

Oh, go on then  – Here is the Fabulous Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain – from a Proms a few years back.  Sit back and enjoy!